Logistics Management Specialist (D1638P02)

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Department of Defense
United States Citizens Excepted Service Permanent Full Time
_NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED_ : This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.
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This position is located in an Air National Guard (ANG) independent unit. It serves as the Logistics Management Specialist with responsibility for planning, organizing and implementing unit logistics plans and operations. The position applies technical expertise with computerized logistics information systems to support deployment operations and exercises. The primary purpose of this position is to implement logistics policy programs and procedures, utilizing automated/non-automated systems for the accurate control of logistical planning in support of unit tasked contingency operations around the world.
Open Areas of Consideration: _1_
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_Area 1_ = Enlisted members of the Louisiana National Guard.
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Must be a current active drilling member of the Louisiana National Guard.
( 1) Serves as the program manager for the Integrated Deployment System (IDS) Deployment Management System (DeMS), Contingency Operations/Mobility Planning and Executive System (COMPES), Logistics Module-Base Level (LOGMOD-B), Computer Aided Load Manifesting (CALM), and Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS). Ensures all systems interface within IDS. Serves as the subject matter expert for COMPES to assist the independent unit Commander and Logistics Officer in selecting, deploying and monitoring contingency forces. Maintains LOGMOD-B and the Logistics Detail (LOGDET) data. Designs logistics packages to meet Operation Plans (OPLAN) tasking and coordinates with tasked units to ensure compliance and accuracy of systems.
(2) Formulates and consolidates logistical annexes for IDS guidance, based on regulations, manuals, instructions and directives issues by higher headquarters. During peacetime and actual/training deployments, provides staff input and participation in the Deployment Control Center. Manages the Unit Deployment Control Center (UDCC) to ensure each deployment runs efficiently. Plans and develops deployment training for the unit, in addition to conducting deployment training exercises.
(3) At the direction of, and in conjunction with, the commander, identifies required deployment/redeployment support with the unit staff and host base for the transportation of equipment and personnel. Determines the type and number of aircraft required for mission deployment. Validates load plans, hazardous cargo, priority shipments customs clearance requirements. Ensures all unit personnel and equipment are properly identified and prepared for deployment. Assists the commander in determining the types and numbers or quantity of troops and equipment available for tasking. Schedules, via correspondence, with headquarters (i.e. Air Force Materials Command (AFMC), Air Combat Command (ACC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), National Guard Bureau (NGB) and Numbered Air Forces), when required, to accomplish specific mission requirements.
(4) Reviews resource/logistics plans, programs and deployment activities with the commander to ensure authorized mobility equipment is available or on order, and ensures equipment is properly budgeted. Develops load plans and analyzes transportation requirements for the unit. Schedules all requirements through AMC and Military Transport Movement Command (MTMC) to ensure personnel and equipment arrive according to planned tasking. Directs, controls and coordinates all Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) deployments for the unit. Defines and publishes local guidance for deployment procedures. Ensures the unit meets all pre-execution and actual deployment requirements, Area of Responsibility (AOR) and specific reporting instructions. Attends AEF scheduling conferences.
(5) Participates in site surveys to ascertain, identify and plan airlift and logistical support requirement needs in support of unit contingency operations/taskings. Serves, as required, on the Installation Support Team (IST).
(6) Maintains and analyzes the correlation of data between the Unit Type Code (UTC), Unit Management Information System (UMIS), Designed Operational Capacity (DOC) statements and all applicable plans for the unit's readiness reporting and tasking. Identifies problems/discrepancies and reports these to the commander. Recommends the elevation of problems/discrepancies when unable to resolve at the unit level.
(7) Evaluates the unit's logistics posture as reported in the Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) program. Monitors the status of the logistical readiness of the unit and determines deviations in the total logistical posture. Recommends necessary actions to preclude or mitigate effects of support deficiencies.
(8) Performs pilot/non-pilot unit responsibilities in accordance with applicable directives. When acting as a UTC pilot unit, is responsible for the development of standard manpower and equipment changes to deployment packages and advising of non-pilot units system wide. In conjunction with the non-pilot units, resolves manpower and equipment differences. Adds, changes, or deletes requirements as the UTC's evolve in accordance with NGB functional manager guidance.
(9) Provides technical logistics plans support at staff meetings conducted by the unit commander. Resolves unit logistical problems as they occur. At the Commander's request, attends conferences, workshops, meetings and briefings.
(10) Provides input to Support Agreements, Letters of Agreement (LOA) and Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) for the unit. Monitors and evaluates support agreements between the unit and the supplying agency. Ensures reimbursements are identified to the host base comptroller. Maintains all documentation from impacted parties. Makes recommendations to resolve impasses when disagreements occur.
(11) Performs other duties as assigned.
_GENERAL EXPERIENCE_ : Experience, education, or training involving judgment and/or analytical ability in the logistics field; and using computer and automation systems.
_SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE_ : Must have at least thirty-six (36) months of experience, education, or training identifying activities involving logistical support operations; integrating the actions of a variety of specialized support activities in order to develop a comprehensive logistics plan; monitoring such functions as program planning, resource and fiscal management, training, manpower management, and/or automated data processing to meet the logistics plan; identifying delays or problems and developing corrective actions; and working with people from various levels and backgrounds to elicit their cooperation to perform specific tasks, and complying with regulations, laws, or practices which provided the candidate with the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities listed below.
I: Knowledge of unit assigned Unit Type Code (UTC) personnel, UTC equipment, and associated War Readiness Materiel, Readiness Spares Packages, Mission Capability (MISCAPs), and Designed Operational Capability statements.
II: Skilled in public speaking and written communication in order to provide accurate and thorough technical information to a diverse audience including senior leadership with emphasis on briefings, presentations, formal memoranda, letters and reports.
III: Skilled in gathering, assembling, and analyzing information from multiple sources and assembling final guidance from these sources for distribution in support of program operations.
IV: Ability to manage diverse projects/programs by effectively organizing and prioritizing tasks so work can be completed with established milestones and suspense dates.
V: Ability to understand and utilize a variety of computer software programs: Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, LOGMOD, LOGMOD Stand Alone, DCAPES, AALPS, and LOGCAT.
VI: Ability to evaluate the unit's logistics posture as reported in the Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) program, monitor the status of the logistical readiness of the unit and determine deviations in the total logistical posture, and recommend necessary actions to preclude or mitigate effects of support deficiencies.
VII: Ability to develop, instruct, and evaluate deployment training processes and programs.
_MILITARY REQUIREMENTS_ : Selected candidates will be required to be in a compatible military grade prior to the effective date of placement. Selectee must also be in a compatible military assignment (MOS/AFSC) prior to or within one year of placement.
_Military Grades_ : ENLISTED
_Compatible Military Assignments_ : 2G0X1;
_LOUISIANA NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERS_ - Acceptance of this position may result in the loss of contracted incentive(s). For further details, contact the LANG State Incentive Manager, at
Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.
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_For this job announcement the following documents are required:_
OF 612 (Optional Form for Federal Employment) or Resume'
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LA FORM 171-2 (KSA Form or Separate MSWord Document)
LA FORM 335-8 (Race and Ethnicity Identification)
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Instructions for completing the OPM 1203-FX:
If you are applying to this announcement by completing the OPM 1203-FX form instead of using the Online Application method, please use the following step-by-step instructions as a guide to filling out the required questionnaire. You will need to print the vacancy announcement and refer to it as you answer the questions. You may omit any optional information; however, you must provide responses to all required questions. Be sure to double check your application before submission.
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1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.
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